Food and Wine Tour: territory, local farms, tastings in the enchanting scenery of Lake Garda.

“ I love traveling a lot to open new horizons. I love the sun, I love different cultures from my own, I love the local experiences that enrich me every time I return to my Italy. This is why I love organizing unforgettable experiences for my customers. ” Samanta Menon. Manager of Immobil One

Among the services we offer are the themed evenings with Chef at home, pizza parties with music and the real pizza made in Italy, excursions to local farms, oil, wine and Limoncello tastings held outdoors in a beautiful local farm where you can get acquainted with goats, lambs, chickens; adventure much appreciated by the little ones. the beautiful Lake Garda, however, remains the undisputed star of all these fantastic experiences. Our staff is available to get more information and will be there to support you in the various experiences. Enjoy your holiday !!!


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